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Interactive holograms –
2 solutions, many possibilities

The great but purely passive visual language of holography can be expanded on request to include interactive components in which the viewer can actively influence the hologram. Here we distinguish between physical interaction through push buttons and contactless digital control with mobile devices.

simple control
with push-buttons

Interaction by push buttons

The installation of push buttons is possible for all versions. The illuminated push-buttons can be used, for example, to play additional Holo films or the Holo film in another language.

With push-buttons, the viewer can easily be offered a further number of Holo films. The system jumps back to the main film after playing an additional film. The Taster system is plug & play and no network connection is necessary.

Real-time interaction with a smartphone or tablet

With contactless digital control, your own mobile device becomes the control centre. Photographing a QR code leads to a landing page on which the user interface for individual control appears. An app is not necessary for this. The activated real-time control can be operated locally as well as remotely, i.e. it has different operator options.

A cloud interface transmits the 3D data rendered in real time to the media technology in the Holoco Display and the individual and interactive hologram appears floating three-dimensionally in the room. The transmission technology works with an integrated mini PC with internet connection and is available for all our Holoco Displays.

The 3D object can now be interacted with via the interface. You can move it freely, disassemble it, highlight individual elements, call up in-depth details and much more.

interaction in realtime