Product launch of new HOLOCO [L PRO] - the holographic 3D multi-talent!

After intensive months we are proud to present our latest product: the HOLOCO [L PRO].

During the development we followed the approach that this new version should be one, if not THE perfect solution as a holographic all-rounder for various presentation situations.

The new HOLOCO [L PRO] is "on the way" with a hologram size of 32 inches and a 4K resolution.

The compact size offers diverse application possibilities and plays an essential role "on the way".

Thanks to its plug and play, the HOLOCO [L PRO] can be used, for example, as a person hologram during presentations on-site at the customer. Fascinate your audience with 3D animations that are shown vividly and floating freely in space!  Just connect your laptop and present impressively different!

The system can also be used with classic video conferencing software to "beam" "speakers" live and in real time as a hologram to the conference table. Especially in important meetings, executives can now present themselves in a highly innovative way outside the usual flat video participant screens.

Digital art (objects) will also take on a new significance in the future. Here we see new possibilities for galleries and museums to make digital art three-dimensionally experienceable with a digital signage capable hologram.

Last but not least, the new solution - as with all HOLOCO versions - can also bring real products to life and explain e.g. functionalities in an impressive and understandable way.

HOLOCO [L PRO] is available in all desired colors, individually or with a base and, of course, with rollable transport cases. The first edition will be available from 20.03.2023.

You can see sample videos here: NEW HOLOCO [L PRO] Cases

If you have any questions about the new Holo solution, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time (also with a demonstration appointment).

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