The possibilities of new extended reality technologies are varied. Ultimately, however, they must (like so many innovations) prove that added value and costs are in a positive relationship. Our 3D holograms are part of this new XR world, which is why we see it as our duty as market leaders to demonstrate successful customer cases at the leading XR events and congresses. This is the easiest way to show why 3D holograms are fascinating and in demand.

We are delighted to be exhibiting at 2 of the most important events:

XR EXPO is the B2B tech event in Stuttgart for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR), or eXtended Reality (XR) for short.

The XR EXPO showcases the latest XR technologies and professional applications of VR, MR and AR in the fields of industry, architecture, healthcare, retail and trade. This event combines the disciplines of exhibition and congress and will take place from April 3 to 4, 2024 at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart.

On May 28, the ruhrSUMMIT will take place for the 10th time in Bochum's Jahrhunderthalle. The ruhrSUMMIT is one of the leading B2B start-up conferences in Germany and brings successful start-ups together with companies and investors from all over Europe.

In XR-Town, we present the latest 3D hologram applications from the fields of architecture and mechanical engineering.

We are looking forward to both events and great technical discussions.

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